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2011 VDP D’Or Red, Au Gre Du Vent, Chateau St. Jean de la Gineste

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Producer: Chateau Jean de la Gineste

Wine: 2011 VDP D’Or Red, Au Gre Du Vent

Varietal: 100% Merlot

Nose: Garrigue - wild boar, peppercorn, farm grass and flowers

Palate: Bramble berries, amber, and cherry wood

Food: Braised short ribs, hearty barbequed dishes and pizza

Cellaring: Drink now 

Chateau Jean de la Gineste - Corbières 

Chateu Saint Jean de la Gineste

Chateau Saint Jean de la Gineste is run by Marie-Hélène Bacave. This picturesque estate is located in Corbières just west of Narbonne, the largest appellation of the Languedoc region. The estate covers 47 acres in the Golden Triangle on well drained limestone soil. The domaine name originates in the Occitan word "Ginste" which is translated in French as “broom”; a yellow bush that used to grow on the hill of one of the parcels. The Bacave family has owned it since the beginning of the 19th Century. It was not until 1991 that they restored their own cellar. Before that, they used the local cooperative for their vinification.

Marie-Hélène’s approach to viticulture is a strict adherence to a vineyard process known as “lutte raisonneé”. This approach emphasizes on minimal chemical treatments, and above all, respect for nature. Harvested by hand with focus on ripeness followed by thorough and multiple triage for selection of the best grapes.